The Arcado-Cypriot Greek word βέκος
Word βέκος
b e. k o ς
IPA be.koς
Meaning bread
See also Phrygian: ΒΕΚΟΣ ‘bread’
Doric Greek: βέσκερος ‘bread’

See Strabo, Geography 'Ἱππῶναξ μέν Κυπρίων βέκος φαγοῦσι καὶ Ἀμαθουσίων πυρόν'.

G. Bonfante - A Note on the Samothracian Language - Hesperia, Vol. 24, No. 2 (Apr. - Jun., 1955), pp. 105 says that Strabos phrase 'proves the word to be Cypriote - and Cyprus is not very far from Phrygia'.

However, the above phrase cannot be a proof of the word being Cypriot.