The Proto-Indo-European word *drep-
Word *drep-
Meaning to tear, to scratch, to split off
See also Proto-Indo-European: *der- ‘to tear off, to flay’
Synonyms *gerbʰ-, *(d)h₂ék̂ru, *h₁reip-

Mallory J.P. and Adams D. (2006)

Other words that might be of interest
*bʰlaĝ- ‘to strike’, *bʰlihₓĝ- ‘to strike’, *gʷel- ‘to strike, to stab, to pierce’, *gʷhen- ‘to strike’, *wel(h₂)- ‘to strike, to tear at’, *merd- ‘to rub, to scrape’, *plehₐk/g- ‘to strike, to strike ones breasts’, *kelh₁- ‘to strike’