The Armenian word berem
Word berem
Meaning to bear, carry
See also Phrygian: ΑΒΒΕΡΕΤ ‘will bring’
Phrygian: ΒΕΡ- ‘to bear, carry’
Linear B: pe-re ‘brings’
Proto-Indo-European: *bʰer- ‘to bear, carry’
Greek: φέρω ‘i carry, bring’
Early Proto-Albanian: *berja ‘to bring’
Old Persian: ba-r- ‘to bear, to lift’
Tocharian B: pär- ‘to bear, to carry’
Pr.Indo-Iranian: *bʰar ‘to carry, to bring, to bear’
Avestan: bara ‘to bear, to carry’

Other words that might be of interest
gatzin ‘ax’, kgel ‘to bend’, arjan ‘big stone, statue’, brut ‘potter’, arcatᶜ ‘silver’, malem ‘to grind, to crush, to break’, aŕnem ‘to do, to make’