The Armenian word malem
Word malem
Meaning to grind, to crush, to break
See also Homeric Greek: μύλαξ ‘millstone, any large round stone’
Proto-Indo-European: *melh₂- ‘to grind, rub, break up’
Greek: μύλη ‘mill, hand-mill, nether millstone’
C. Luwian: ma-a-la-ḫu- ‘to crush, to break’
Synonyms aɫam

Other words that might be of interest
berem ‘to bear, carry’, kogi ‘butter’, gatzin ‘ax’, kgel ‘to bend’, arjan ‘big stone, statue’, brut ‘potter’, arcatᶜ ‘silver’, boyc ‘food’, alewr ‘flour’, gini ‘wine’, ewɫ ‘oil’, t'uz ‘fig’, gini ‘wine’, san ‘cauldron’, aŕnem ‘to do, to make’