The Armenian word gini
Word gini
Meaning wine
See also Hattic: wīn ‘wine’
Greek: οίνος ‘wine’
C. Luwian: u-i-ni ‘wine’
Synonyms gini

Other words that might be of interest
kogi ‘butter’, vart ‘rose’, sermn ‘seed’, brut ‘potter’, arawr ‘plow’, boyc ‘food’, ospn ‘lentil’, alewr ‘flour’, aɫam ‘to grind’, harawunk ‘arable land’, ewɫ ‘oil’, t'uz ‘fig’, malem ‘to grind, to crush, to break’, pelem ‘to dig, to excavate’, san ‘cauldron’, caŕ ‘tree’, arm(n) ‘root, tribe, generation’