The Cypriot Syllabic Script word pa-si-le-wo-se
Word pa-si-le-wo-se
pa si le wo se
Meaning king
See also Linear B: qa-si-re-u ‘king, local leader’
Cypriot Syllabic Script: pa-si-le-wa-ta-u ‘a kings son, a prince’
Cypriot Syllabic Script: pa-si-le-se ‘king’
Cypriot Syllabic Script: pa-si-le-o-se ‘king’
Synonyms pa-si-le-u-se

Full text e-te-wa-to-ro | to pa-po | pa-si-le-wo-se = Ἐτεϝά(ν)δρω τῶ Πάφω βασιλῆϝος. = (property of) King Etewandros of Pafos

Other words that might be of interest
a-le-ke-to-re ‘personal name, cock, unmarried’, a-ke-ti-se ‘leader’, ke-le-i-ti-zo ‘renowned, famous’, ke-le-wi-to ‘renowned, famous’, ta-ko ‘leader, lord’