The Cypriot Syllabic Script word ta-ko
Word ta-ko
ta ko
Transliteration tako
Meaning leader, lord
See also Ancient Macedonian: ταγός ‘leader, lord’
Aeolic Greek: ταγός ‘leader, lord’
Synonyms a-ke-ti-se

Other words that might be of interest
pa-si-le-wo-se ‘king’, a-le-ke-to-re ‘personal name, cock, unmarried’, a-za-la-ma ‘statue’, a-ti-ri-a-se ‘image of man, statue’, ke-le-i-ti-zo ‘renowned, famous’, ke-le-wi-to ‘renowned, famous’, ke-ra-me ‘potter’, pa-si-le-se ‘king’, pa-si-le-u-se ‘king’, pa-si-le-o-se ‘king’