The Pre-Greek toponyms town name Σίνδος
Word Σίνδος
s i. n ð o ς
IPA si.nðoς
Meaning town name, place name
Notes/Remarks This word has an uncertain classification
The origin of this word is unknown

Town in ancient Macedonia, currently a suburb of Thessaloniki.

Other words that might be of interest
Άρνη ‘place name, town name’, Πέρινθος ‘place name, town name’, Κυρβισσός ‘town name, place name’, Λισσός ‘town name, place name’, Όλυνθος ‘place name, town name’, Κάμειρος ‘town name’, Τεγύρα ‘town name’, Τίταρον ‘town name’, Ώλερος ‘town name’, Αλίκυρνα ‘town name’, Πύρασος ‘town name’, Λίβηθρα ‘town name’, Λυκώρεια ‘town name, place name’, Λυκουρία ‘town name, place name’, Λύκαστος ‘town name, place name’, Στύμφηλος ‘town name’, Βολισσός ‘town name, place name’, Θύσσος ‘town name, place name’