The Hattic word tewū
Word tewū
Transliteration tewu
Meaning to pour
See also Hattic: tewūšne ‘libation, offering’
Greek: δεύω ‘to make wet, to pour’
Synonyms ḫil

Kassian 2010

Other words that might be of interest
pu/bu ‘to do, make’, ḫamuruwa ‘beam, rafter’, ureš ‘smith’, ḫapalki ‘iron’, ḫel ‘to strew, pour’, tiḫ ‘to build’, kinawar ‘copper’, pakku ‘hammer’, kurkupal ‘peg, nail’, arzili ‘tin’, *arkiw- ‘canopy, awning’, ziḫartail ‘carpenter’