The Hattic word kurkupal
Word kurkupal
Meaning peg, nail


Soysal (2004)

Seems to be identical with kurkupenna.

Other words that might be of interest
kut/kud ‘soul’, alep ‘language, tongue’, pu/bu ‘to do, make’, ḫamuruwa ‘beam, rafter’, psun ‘breathing, soul’, ureš ‘smith’, ḫapalki ‘iron’, kaš ‘head’, *zasḫai ‘dream’, ḫel ‘to strew, pour’, kaiš ‘horn’, šaki ‘heart’, tiḫ ‘to build’, tewū ‘to pour’, kazza ‘blood red, red’, kinawar ‘copper’, pakku ‘hammer’, ḫil ‘to pour’, arzili ‘tin’, *arkiw- ‘canopy, awning’, eštip ‘face’, kiš ‘head’, ziḫartail ‘carpenter’