The Hattic word *arkiw-
Word *arkiw-
Meaning canopy, awning
See also Pre-Greek: ἄρκυς ‘net’


A reconstructed Hattian form supposed to have been loaned through Luwian as arkiwit into Hittite. Greek has ἄρκυς 'net', which seems to be related.

Other words that might be of interest
pu/bu ‘to do, make’, ḫamuruwa ‘beam, rafter’, ureš ‘smith’, ḫapalki ‘iron’, ḫel ‘to strew, pour’, tiḫ ‘to build’, tewū ‘to pour’, kinawar ‘copper’, pakku ‘hammer’, kurkupal ‘peg, nail’, ḫil ‘to pour’, arzili ‘tin’, ziḫartail ‘carpenter’