The Ancient Macedonian mountain name Ἄθως
Word Ἄθως
á tʰ ɔː ς
IPA ̝a.tʰɔːς
Meaning mountain name

Athos is a mountain located in the third peninsula of Chalkidiki.

Other words that might be of interest
ἄξος ‘wood, timber, lumber’, δάρυλλος ‘oak’, καλαῥῥυγαί ‘ditches, moats’, Κισσοῦς ‘mountain name’, Νῦσα ‘mountain name’, λείβηθρον ‘place name, spring, ditch, kennel’, Πέτρα ‘place name, stone’, ἄργος ‘field, plain, valley’, καλαρρυϝά ‘ditch’