The Ancient Macedonian word δάρυλλος
Word δάρυλλος
ð a r y l l o ς
IPA ðarylloς
Meaning oak
See also Homeric Greek: δρῦς ‘tree’
Linear B: du-ru-to-mo ‘woodcutters’
Greek: δρυς ‘oak’
Proto-Indo-European: *dór-u- (nom-acc. dóru, gen. derw-ós) ‘tree’



Macedonian form of δρῦς. The suffix -υ-λλος is often attested in Greek, however the presence of /α/ in the root has given rise to speculations regarding a Celtic loan. Armenian targal 'spoon' has been also speculated but unlikely.

See Filos (2015), Hoffmann (1906), Pisani (1937), Degani (1984), Kalleris (1954), Martirosyan (2017). 

Other words that might be of interest
ἄβαγνα ‘roses’, Ἄθως ‘mountain name’, ἄξος ‘wood, timber, lumber’, καλαῥῥυγαί ‘ditches, moats’, Κισσοῦς ‘mountain name’, κάλιθος ‘wine, unblended wine’, Νῦσα ‘mountain name’, λείβηθρον ‘place name, spring, ditch, kennel’, Πέτρα ‘place name, stone’, ἄργος ‘field, plain, valley’, καλαρρυϝά ‘ditch’, λύγος ‘kind of tree, branch, stick’