The Ancient Macedonian place name λείβηθρον
Word λείβηθρον
l eːî b ɛː tʰ r o n
IPA leːîbɛːtʰron
Meaning place name, spring, ditch, kennel
See also Proto-Indo-European: *leib- ‘to make a libation, to pour’
Greek: λείβηθρον ‘wet country or place, channel’
Attic Greek: λιβάδιον ‘small spring, a wet place’
Greek: λείβω ‘to pour, to make a libation’
Synonyms νίβα, καλαρρυϝά



λείβηθρον· ῥεῖθρον. ὀχετόν, κρουνόν, καὶ τόπος ἐν Μακεδονίᾳ καὶ κατὰ τὸν Ἑλικῶνα.


"In Larisa I heard another story, how that on Olympus is a city Libethra, where the mountain faces, Macedonia, not far from which city is the tomb of Orpheus. The Libethrians, it is said, received out of Thrace an oracle from Dionysus, stating that when the sun should see the bones of Orpheus, then the city of Libethra would be destroyed by a boar. The citizens paid little regard to the oracle, thinking that no other beast was big or mighty enough to take their city, while a boar was bold rather than powerful."

A place name in Macedonia and Boeotia. The word derives from the verb λείβω 'to pour, to make a libation'.

See Filos (2015), Kalleris (1954), Degani (1984)

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