The Ancient Macedonian word καλαρρυϝά
Word καλαρρυϝά
k a l a r r y w a
Transliteration kalarrywa
Meaning ditch
Notes/Remarks This word is a feminine
See also Ancient Macedonian: καλαῥῥυγαί ‘ditches, moats’
Synonyms λείβηθρον

Hoffmann (1906) and Kretschmer (1896) consider this as the real form of καλαῥῥυγαί. It is assumed that the word was trasmitted wrongly by scribes that mixed F (digamma) with Γ (gamma).

Other words that might be of interest
Ἄθως ‘mountain name’, ἄξος ‘wood, timber, lumber’, δάρυλλος ‘oak’, δαλάγχαν ‘sea’, Κισσοῦς ‘mountain name’, Νῦσα ‘mountain name’, σχερόν ‘wave’, σμώγη ‘drop, ox-tongue’, Πέτρα ‘place name, stone’, λαβά ‘drop’, βράγος ‘marsh-meadow, swamp, ’, Άλιάκμων ‘river name’, Βόρβορος ‘river name’, Ὄλγανος ‘river name, deity name’, ἄργος ‘field, plain, valley’, ζέρεθρον ‘cleft, abyss, gulf, pit’, Λῡδίας ‘river name, place name’