The Ancient Macedonian word ἄξος
Word ἄξος
á ks o ς
IPA ̝áksoς
Meaning wood, timber, lumber
See also Greek: ύλη ‘wood, timber, forest’
Greek: οξύα ‘beech tree’
Albanian: ah / ahu ‘beech tree’


Source: Hesychius

ὕλη, παρὰ Μακεδόσιν

Pisani (1937) compares it with the Greek 'οξύα', the beech tree that was extensively used as a timber source in Greece.

Kalleris (1954) disagrees with Pisani and proposes a common root with the Cretan word ἄξος "fracture, broken cliff", suggesting that ἄξος refers to "cut timber".

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